Training and equipping future ministers in Germany.

t We Do and Why We Do It

Teaching and training others is vital to the successful advancement of the gospel in Germany and across Europe! We have been called to prepare young Christians for pastoral ministry and missions through theological training and practical discipleship. Our goal is to help others hear and answer God’s call on their lives, and to equip them with the tools they need to see the Kingdom of God advanced throughout Europe.

Our Next Steps

We work with Kontaktmission USA and are sent out as missionaries to our home country of Germany. Kontaktmission (pronounced “contact mission”) is a rapidly growing missions organization that spreads the gospel through various types of ministries in Germany and across Europe. Kontaktmission USA recognizes the need to support the efforts of European ministries already on the ground to spread the gospel creatively and most effectively. We serve together as missionaries in Bonn Germany where Daniel is on the faculty of the Bonn Bible Seminary, one of the largest evangelical training centers in the country. The seminary has been preparing future ministers, missionaries, and bible teachers for more than 30 years.

Why Germany? Why Bonn?

Germany is known for Martin Luther’s reformation and is still a country where serious theological study can be pursued. Although there may be many people who are interested in religious matters, they often have no saving relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, currently less than 1.3% of the population are Evangelical Christians. People are officially leaving the state churches in growing numbers every year. Sadly, as a result Germany has become a strongly secularized, post-Christian nation.

The Need in Germany

You may be wondering what the most important thing is to the advancement of the Gospel in Germany? Our firm conviction is that the key lies in helping young Christians grow in their relationship with God and in investing in their theological training. Coming alongside young Christians to help them find their specific calling and equipping them for their lives and ministry will have a direct impact on the spread of the Gospel in Germany and beyond.

The city of Bonn is situated in the heart of Europe and is the former capital of Germany. It is surrounded by renowned universities such as the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne where tens of thousands of students live and study. Thus, Bonn is a strategic place to train the next generation of ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.