Training and equipping future ministers in Germany.

Daniel and Rebecca are passionate about equipping and training young Christians for their ministry. They believe that helping young Christians find their calling is a vital part of becoming the next generation of leadership and advancing the Gospel.

OUR Story

Our Calling

Daniel teaches Old Testament and other areas of the Bible for aspiring ministers. Our vision is that by better understanding God’s word others will find their calling and become ministers of God’s word. Rebecca is involved in Daniel's ministry by prayer and intercession and practical helping. Also, she gives online lessons for German to students worldwide which give her opportunities to share the Gospel, to pray with people, or to simply listen to them.

You can advance the spread of the Gospel in Germany and across Europe by partnering with our Kontaktmission USA ministry through prayer, financial giving, and encouragement. Please follow the link on the left to learn what Kontaktmission USA is all about.